The Budget: Little help in 'imaginative' measures

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Unemployed Manager

Near Bristol

ANDRES BOLADO could see the economic sense in the Chancellor's 'imaginative' Budget and hoped that the measures would reinforce the recovery.

But as an unemployed manager whose savings are running out, he was looking for immediate assistance. 'In terms of help for people like myself to find a job and reduce the anxieties while we are looking for work there is not much in it at all.

'If I can survive until his measures take effect and work their way through the economy, it will be good. There are some nice touches, spending on infrastructure, help to small business and for exporters. But people like me are concerned with the short term and he hasn't done a thing.'

The biggest blow for Mr Bolado, 43, is the increase in petrol tax - an extra pounds 4 a week for his trips for interviews and 'networking' contacts.

Living seven miles from Bristol with little public transport, he and his wife, Jane, both run cars. They have two children, Catharine, nine, and Andresito, six.

Mr Bolado was made redundant from Royal Life Insurance in November.

The family survives on savings, a small redundancy payment and pounds 43 a week unemployment benefit. Gone are the company car, credit card and pounds 35,000 salary.