The City roundup: Betfair Sportsbook pays out on Scottish 'no' vote

Video: Jim Armitage provides a run-down of the day's major news from the City

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City traders have been going gaga for bets on every possible eventuality in Thursday’s Scottish referendum vote.

So imagine the excitement this afternoon as Betfair Sportsbook declared it was paying out on those who’d bet on a “no” vote.

Now, Betfair Sportsbook is not to be confused for its far larger betting exchange business, and bookies often pull off these kinds of tricks to get publicity.

Meanwhile, official figures showed inflation has fallen to just 1.5% from the 1.6% level before. That was seen as good news for borrowers as it makes an interest rate rise less likely.

In company news, the online fashion group Asos has seen its shares nosedive again after a third profit warning.

International sales were the cause of today’s alert, with the strength of the pound meaning turnover from abroad increased only 6% compared with the UK’s 33% leap.

A frock in Australia is now 20% more expensive than a year ago, said founder Nick Robinson. Given the doom mongers’ claims that the pound will crash if Scotland leaves the UK, perhaps Mr Robinson – the great grandson of that rag trade legend Austin Read – is praying for a “yes”