The Week Ahead

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Interims: Goldsmiths Gp, Hamleys, Scottish TV.

Finals: Inch Kenneth Kajang, Lucas Inds, Manganese Bronze, Royal Bank of Canada, Scottish Asian Inv Co, Tay Homes.

AGMs: Wm Jackson & Son.

Economic statistics: Credit business (Aug); producer price index numbers (Sept).


Interims: A&C Black, N Brown Gp, Bulgin & Co, FR Gp, NB Smaller Cos Trust, Pentos.

Finals: A Beckman, Bolton, F&C PEP Inv Trust, Lendu Hldgs, Wm Sinclair, St Ives, Thorntons, Throgmorton Dual Trust, Wescol.

AGMs: Macfarlane, Genbel, Howard Hldgs, Jersey Phoenix Trust, Polypipe, Wyko Gp.


Interims: BNB Resources, Capital and Regional Properties, Fine Decor, Ipeco Hldgs, REA Hldgs, Time Products.

Finals: Lloyds Chemists.

AGMs: TR City of London Trust, US Smaller Companies Inv Trust.

Economic statistics: Retail price index (Sept); Labour market statistics: unemployment and unfilled vacancies (Sept, prov); average earnings indices (Aug, prov); employment, hours, productivity and unit wage costs; industrial disputes Labour force survey - key results (June- Aug); index of production and construction for Wales (Q2).


Interims: Abbeycrest, Alexandra Workwear, Body Shop Int, Bridgend Gp, David Brown Gp, Delyn Gp, Martin Int Hldgs, Tudor, United Energy.

Finals: Eleco Hldgs, John Maunders Gp.

AGMs: Tottenham Hotspur, Westport Gp.

EGMs: Alvis.

Economic statistics: New Earnings Survey 1994 Part B: Analyses by agreement Machine tools (Aug); capital issues and redemptions (Sept).


Interims: Aberdeen Steak Houses, Aberforth Split Level, Brooks Service Gp, Eidos, Tie Rack, Value & Income Trust.

Finals: None scheduled.

AGMs: Brasway, Clayhithe, Second Alliance Trust.

EGMs: Bearing Power Int, Cattles (Hldgs), Dragon Oil, Jones Stroud (Hldgs), Jefferson Smurfit.

Economic statistics: Usable steel production (Sept); overseas transactions of UK consultancy firms (1993).