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Mobile phones help Dixons turnaround
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Dixons, the electrical retailer, is set to announce profits of around £25m for the six months to October against a £19m loss last time, according to analysts. Booming sales of mobile telephones will help the figures this time.

Goldman Sachs dismissed fears that shares in BSkyB will crash today following the termination of its month-long share stabilisation programme.

Michael Evans, Goldman's executive director of equities, has denied the securities trading house has taken a large block of shares on to its books to support the share price. He predicted the price would hold steady around the current 245p.

Sunsail, the sailing holiday company, is to launch its pathfinder prospectus tomorrow. Roger Llewellyn, chairman, will announce pre-tax profits of £1.8m (£1.3m) for the year to September. Sunsail is aiming to raise about £20m.

TODAY Interims: Ellis & Everard, Savills Finals: AG. Barr, Thomas French & Sons.

TUESDAY Interims: Bespak, Debenham Tewson, Hollas, Howden, Jacques Vert.

Finals: Ashanti Goldfields, M&W, Osprey Communications, Quality Care Homes, Stakis, Treatt.

Statistics: UK cyclical indicators. Advance energy figures. Housing starts and completions.

WEDNESDAY Interims: Sidney C Banks, Cray Electronics, Dalepak Foods, Dixons, Fleming Geared Income, Fleming Int High Income, PSIT, VHE Holdings.

Finals: Exmoor Dual IT, First Natl Finance, Irish Continental, Southern.

Statistics: Index of production (Nov).

THURSDAY Interims: Peter Black, Gibbs Mew, Goode Durrant, Jones Stroud, Jurys Hotel, Matthew Clark, Ryland, Westport.

Finals: Coda, Denmans Electrical, Hawtin, A Kershaw & Sons, Kleinwort Charter IT, Lonrho, Rank Organisation, Securicor, Security Services, TSB, Throgmorton Pref IT.

FRIDAY Finals: Delian Lloyd's IT.

Statistics: Usable steel production (Dec). Balance of visible trade (Oct). Capital issues and redemptions (Dec).