Threat to property deal

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CREDITORS of an undischarged British bankrupt are threatening to disrupt a big property deal involving Trafalgar House in Spain, writes Chris Blackhurst.

Last week, Trafalgar House Construction Management announced its appointment by Calfin, a Spanish company, as project manager of the first pounds 35m phase of a pounds 100m residential and golf course development in Marbella.

Calfin is closely linked to Hussein Behbehani, a multi- millionaire property developer. Mr Behbehani was born in Iran but holds Kuwaiti nationality. He lives in Marbella but until recently also lived in London. In April 1990 three London- based businessmen led by Bassam Kirreh, a Lebanese property developer, secured a court order against him for the non- payment of fees from a property deal. Mr Behbehani defied the court order. He refused to settle the pounds 230,000 debt and in April this year was declared personally bankrupt.

The creditors are now trying to gain access to his assets in France and Spain, including his interests in Marbella.

A Trafalgar House spokesman said: 'We have been paid for all our work up to date on the first phase of this contract.'