Tiny Computers set to offer `free' PCs

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TINY COMPUTERS, the country's largest privately owned personal computer seller and manufacturer, will today unveil a pounds 2m advertising blitz to offer "free" PCs - the first such package available in Britain.

Through a new subsidiary, Tiny Telecom, customers with a BT line who agree to pay for a minimum of pounds 25 worth of calls per month for 12 months, plus VAT, will receive a free budget PC to connect to their television.

"We think this will change the way computers are sold in the UK forever," said Neil Stevens, Tiny's product marketing director.

The UK firm has also struck a deal that will see Microsoft, from 1 August, manage its Tiny On-Line Internet portal site. "Tiny is leading the way in changing consumer behaviour and buying patterns - Internet access is set to explode over the coming months," said Steve Mann, Microsoft OEM director.

"We have the portal and the content from Microsoft and we hope to keep customers loyal after a year of service," Mr Stevens said.