Two ELC directors leave after review

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John Menzies, the retail group, has announced a raft of management changes at its Early Learning Centre subsidiary, which was responsible for a profits warning from the group in January.

ELC's chief executive, Ian Duncan, and managing director, Andrew Crankshaw, are leaving. While they will be eligible for compensation for loss of office, the company said the pay-offs would not be excessive as the two directors were not on the main board and were on one-year contracts.

Dermot Jenkinson, chairman of ELC and a John Menzies main board director, will take over the business until successors can be appointed.

John Menzies managing director David Mackay, who took over in January, has completed his review of the 200-strong chain and resolved not to sell it. It is understood that companies such as Kingfisher, which owns Woolworths, looked at the company.

John Menzies said yesterday that "trading at ELC continues to be impacted by competition and changes to shopping habits".