Unions to launch campaign for boycott of Shell products

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UNION leaders from all over Europe will today launch a campaign to boycott Shell products ranging from petrol to heating fuel.

Representatives of the Transport and General Workers' Union in Britain have called for the action after Shell UK withdrew bargaining rights at Shell Haven in Essex.

The company has also derecognised unions at its Stanlow plant, while BP has abolished union agreements at two key plants in Wales. All the big oil companies except Mobil ended collective bargaining agreements in distribution last year.

Union leaders, who meet in Brussels today, are expected to petition the European Parliament for an inquiry into Shell's industrial relations practices. They will also ask the European Commission to investigate Shell's alleged conspiracy with other groups to create 'a union-free environment'.

The Dutch-based multinational has been targeted because it has been in the vanguard of 'anti-union activity', according to the Transport & General. Union representatives from most Continental sites have reported a tougher management attitude.

A Mori poll commissioned by the TGWU at Shell Haven found that three-quarters of the staff felt under pressure to sign contracts.