Walker admits he lied in interview: Court hears questions about man who helped to administer family trusts

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GEORGE WALKER admitted in court yesterday that he lied to the Serious Fraud Office during more than 30 hours of 'aggressive interviews'. He agreed it happened when he was asked about his relationship with John Love, whose signature is alleged to have been forged on documents after his death.

At Southwark Crown Court it was alleged Mr Walker had told detectives he did not believe Mr Love was a director of any of his family trusts. But under cross- examination he accepted that he had not 'forgotten' Mr Love's links with the offshore holdings.

Peter Rook QC, prosecuting, said of the SFO interviews: 'You accept it was a lie?' Mr Walker replied: 'If you want to put it in those terms, yes.'

He denied he was a person who would lie to get out of difficulty. 'At the time I was very angry . . . I was not being very co-operative.'

It is alleged Mr Walker conspired with Brent Walker colleagues to make Mr Love appear to be the 'money man' behind fictional multi-million-pound film deals after his death.

Mr Walker, the former group chairman and chief executive, maintained that Mr Love, who died of cancer in June 1988, was behind Universal Talent Management with a fortune at his disposal to finance group film production and sales.

He insisted that Mr Love, who helped to administer Walker family offshore trust funds, was with UTM. 'I have told you many times, yes he was.'