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Monday STATISTICS: January producer prices. INTERIMS: Armour Trust, Bryant Group, Second Alliance Trust. FINALS: Olim Convertible Trust.

Tuesday STATISTICS: December new construction orders. INTERIMS: BOC Group (Q1). FINALS: BP (Q4), Reuters, Irish Banking, Johnson Fry Second Utilities Trust, Kleinwort Overseas Investment Trust.

Wednesday STATISTICS: Bank of England quarterly inflation report, January labour market statistics. INTERIMS: Hanson (Q1). FINALS: Lloyds Abbey Life, Vardon, Polygram.

Thursday STATISTICS: January Retail Price Inflation index. FINALS: CLM Insurance Fund, Mersey Docks & Harbour, Royal Dutch/Shell, Ward Holdings.

Friday STATISTICS: January Public Sector Borrowing Requirement. INTERIMS: Birse Group. FINALS: Lloyds TSB.