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Monday STATISTICS: international banking (Q1). INTERIMS: Airtours, Bankers Investment Trust. FINALS: British Steel, BTP, Essex & Suffolk Water, Filofax. AGMs: Forward Technology, Greenway Holdings, Greycoat, Premier Health Group.

Tuesday STATISTICS: building societies monthly figures (May); major British banking groups' monthly statement (May); provisional estimates of M4 and counterparts (May). INTERIMS: Eurotherm, First Leisure Corp. FINALS: Amber Industrial, Debenham Tewson, Evans of Leeds, Philip Harris, Hazlewood Foods, Kalamazoo Computer Group, Shanks & Mc- Ewan, South Western Electricity. AGMs: Bank of Scotland, Whitbread.

Wednesday STATISTICS: non-EU balance of trade (May); monthly Digest of Statistics (June). INTERIMS: Quality Care Homes. FINALS: Artesian Estates, Caled- onia Investments, Courts, ERF (Holdings), Norweb, John Wad-dington. AGMs: John Lewis.

Thursday STATISTICS: regional trends 1995; engineering sales and orders at current and constant prices (April); institutional investment (Q1). INTERIMS: Hardys & Hansons, Lonrho, TSB Group. FINALS: Carpet- right, Fuller Smith & Turner, Manweb, John Tams Group, Wessex Water. AGMs: British & American Film, Moss Bros, HC Slingsby, Yule Catto.

Friday STATISTICS: CBI Monthly Trends Enquiry (June); overseas earnings from royalties (1994); GB cinema exhibitors (Q1). INTERIMS: Henderson Strata Inv Trust. FINALS: East Midlands Electricity. EGMs: Graystone.