Women vanishing from the top spots

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LIFE has become tougher for women at the top of British companies, with the number of chairmanships they occupy down from six to two in the past two years, according to the new edition of Crawford's Dictionary of City Connections.

The number of women chief executives and managing directors of stock market companies has also fallen from 12 last year to nine this year. Further down the ranks, more women are winning top financial positions such as finance director or company secretary. But Adria Kinloch, editor of Crawford's, said: 'There is no evidence yet that they are being considered for the top jobs.'

The two remaining women in the chair are Aleksandra Clayton, chairman of Alexanders Holdings, the car dealer, and Anna Vinton, joint chairman of The Reject Shop, Crawford's said. Jean Tyrell at Sirdar Group stepped down from the chair to become a non-executive director last July, and Margarita Hamilton came off the list when Swanyard's listing was cancelled last year.

Managing directors who have departed from the list include Ann Cluer, who had held the job jointly with her husband at Levercrest. New women managing directors include June de Moller of Carlton Communications and Ann Gloag at the Perth bus company Stagecoach Holdings.

Crawford's also said SG Warburg continued to dominate City league tables. By client numbers, it was first among financial advisers and second to Cazenove among stockbrokers. James Capel jumped from eighth to fifth stockbroker, while among financial advisers Hill Samuel had the biggest fall in the client list, from seventh to twelfth. Financial Dynamics takes over from Citigate as the financial PR firm with the most clients.

----------------------------------------------------------------- WOMEN AT THE TOP ------------------------------------------------------------------------ 1994 1993 1992 Job title Women Total Women Total Women Total Chairmen 2 1,564 4 1,572 6 1,633 Chief executives/ Managing directors 9 1,633 12 1,657 9 1,706 Finance directors 19 1,284 16 1,270 12 1,299 Finance controllers/ Chief accountants 10 93 6 98 3 99 Investor relations officers 39 284 36 280 30 269 Company secretaries 107 1,529 101 1,528 86 1,627 Other positions (Dep. chairmen etc) 9 456 6 456 6 470 Total 195 6,843 181 6,861 152 7,103 ------------------------------------------------------------------------ Source: Crawford's Directory of City Connections 1994, 1993, 1992 ------------------------------------------------------------------------