Your Money: You have to hand it to Midland

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Midland Bank is producing a left-handed chequebook for its estimated 600,000 left-handed customers. Tuesday is International Left Handers Day, and the chequebooks will be available the following week. The Left Centre, based in Ironbridge in Shropshire, says that more than 80 per cent of its members grouse about traditional chequebooks which are designed for right-handers, adding that when left-handed chequebooks were introduced in New Zealand some customers changed banks to get them.

Holidaymakers are more likely to have credit cards stolen in their hotel rather than when on the beach, while shopping or out for the night, says NatWest. More British credit cards were stolen in Spain last year than any other country. The Czech Republic was second.

Are You Ready for the Longest Holiday of your Life? is the title of a free guide to pensions produced by Midland Bank in association with Age Concern. It explains the way pensions work. Phone 0800 656565 for a copy.

One in 24 homes is burgled, suggesting that people will suffer two or three break-ins in their lifetime, says Zurich Insurance. But only one in 10 has an alarm.