Campaign planned to fight cuts

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Governors and parents will meet tomorrow to set up a national campaign to fight spending cuts, writes Judith Judd.

Delegates from at least 19 counties in England and Wales will gather in Rugby, Warwickshire, to decide whether to resign, set deficit budgets or join protest marches.

The effect of the cuts will vary from school to school and authority to authority. Counties are expected to be worse affected than cities, and schools with reserves will be better able to avoid sacking teachers than those who have none.

Some authorities have not allowed a penny in their budgets for the teachers' pay award, and none of them are thought to have allowed more than 2 per cent.

Many authorities will try to minimise the impact on schools by taking money from other parts of their budget and by digging into dwindling reserves. The number of teacher redundancies may not be clear for months.

Seamus Crowe, a co-ordinator of the national campaign, said: "We are receiving calls from parents and governors organisations all over the country. Why should children be penalised because they live in a certain part of the country? We are determined to carry on the fight."