Campers maimed by exploding cans

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BUTANE GAS canisters used in camping stoves and lights are like "bombs waiting to ignite", doctors warned yesterday.

A series of horrific injuries has been caused by the canisters exploding as people tried to change them. In one case a lorry driver sustained 60 per cent burns from a canister that ignited in his cab.

Burns specialists from Salisbury District Hospital in Wiltshire, who describe the cases in a letter to the British Medical Journal, saw nine patients injured by the canisters last summer. They wrote: "If the canister is not secured immediately after it is pierced it acts as a bomb waiting to ignite."

Richard Strode, managing director of Camping Gaz, said the company was moving away from the pierceable canisters to ones with a screw valve system.

"A number of consumers with old appliances still want to buy the old canister. We aremoving as fast as we can to the new kind," Mr Strode said