Can this man tell the truth about Goebbels?: David Irving

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HERE, in Mr Irving's own words, are a few of the reasons why people feel strongly about him.

I belong to no political party but you can call me a mild fascist if you like . . . I . . . visited Hitler's eyrie at Berchtesgarden. I regard it as a shrine - at a rally for Oswald Mosley, Imperial College, London, 1959.

The gas chambers were erected in Poland for tourists - at a meeting in a Munich beer cellar, quoted by Frankfurter Allgemeiner Zeitung, April, 1990.

The holocaust of the Jews in Auschwitz is without basis - quoted in the Frankfurter Allgemeiner Zietung, February, 1990.

This myth of mass murders of Jews in the death factories of Auschwitz, etc etc, which in fact never took place . . . this horrific ghost of guilt from which the German people have suffered for the last 45 years, will be laid - to a Hamburg audience in November, 1991, predicting that in two years the Holocaust would be proved a myth.

I want people still to be reading my books 100 years from now, so that they will say: 'Well, through people like David Irving we got closer to the truth - in Halle, Germany, November, 1991.

Why dignify something with even a footnote that has not happened? - to an audience in Chelsea Town Hall, November, 1991, on why his book Hitler's War contains no mention of the Holocaust.

When you're working on the edge of intellectual hyper-strain, sometimes you must say, 'Have I flipped?' Unfortunately there's no intellectual thermometer you can slip into your mouth to find out - quoted in the Sunday Telegraph, 1991.

Adolf Hitler, Mein Kampf, 1925: The broad mass of a nation . . . will more easily fall victim to a big lie than to a small one.