Carer found guilty of ill-treatment

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Carer found guilty of ill-treatment

The director of two private homes for mentally disabled people was yesterday convicted of ill-treating one of the residents in her care.

Angela Rowe, 39, was found guilty of ill-treatment through grabbing the resident's hair and pulling her downstairs. Rowe, of Windsor, Berkshire, has been already convicted of two cases of wilfully neglecting residents at Stoke Place Mansion House and Stoke Green House, the homes she and her late husband, Gordon, ran in Stoke Poges, Buckinghamshire. The jury at Kingston Crown Court also convicted one of Rowe's senior care supervisors, Lorraine Field, 42, of Stoke Poges, of two counts of ill-treating residents. Another supervisor, Desmond Tully, 33, of Exeter, Devon, was cleared of ill-treating a resident. The jury will return today to consider a further four charges against the defendants. Louise Jury