Carey calls for redoubled efforts

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The Archbishop of Canterbury, Dr George Carey, yesterday called on the Church to redouble its efforts for a peace settlement in Northern Ireland.

Dr Carey said: "London's Docklands bombing was of the greatest concern to everyone in Britain and Ireland - both in terms of injuries and loss of life and in the search for peace.

"At such moments the role of the Church is this: to redouble its efforts to help achieve a peace settlement and to continue to support all those - not least politicians of different traditions - who will strive for a peaceful resolution of the conflict."

He was speaking at the opening of the General Synod, in London, where members of the Church's ruling body issued a statement expressing "deep dismay" at the terrorist attack.

The Anglican Archbishop of Armagh, Lord Eames, today voiced the outrage and disappointment of people in Northern Ireland at the Docklands bombing. He told the Lords: "Nowhere in the UK is the disgust and anger and frustration at the events on Friday been more obvious than in Northern Ireland.

"From a province that for 25 years has suffered hardship and cruelty and the unending hurt of terrorist attack, that is a sentiment which is spontaneous.

"It comes from Roman Catholics and Protestants". Lord Eames said: "Those who carried out that atrocity on Friday did not have the mandate of the vast majority of the people of Ireland."