Caught with his trousers down

The Bull Monty: a would-be matador can only cower as his manhood is exposed to ridicule
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The ultimate test of manhood for almost every self-respecting Spanish male remains taking on - and beating - the bull. But when an eager amateur stepped into the ring during a fiesta at Zaragoza late last year, he ended up displaying a great deal more of his manhood than intended.

Shortly after the showdown began, the bull performed an act of extraordinary dexterity, pinning the man to the ground and hooking off his trousers and underpants leaving him naked below the waist before a startled crowd of thousands.

Miraculously the man was uninjured: the bull's horns had been trimmed and padded for the occasion. But the one-ton mountain of beef, bone and horn could easily have butted or trampled the man to death.

As it was the man - whose only real injury consisted of the bruising to his ego - pulled his shirt down around himself and hobbled away as best he could. PHOTOGRAPHS BY ROJELIO ALABUZ/REX