Charity watchdog finds serious flaws at PTA

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Charity watchdogs have demanded a fundamental internal review of Britain's largest parents' body in a damning report confirming bitter internal disputes seriously hampered the organisation's operation. However, despite its strong criticisms of the National Confederation of Parent Teacher Associations, the Charity Commission has not used its powers to remove current trustees.

The document, not yet released to all trustees, says the commission will continue to monitor the NCPTA, which submitted to an investigation in February following complaints of management improprieties and allegations of junketing in costly hotels. The Independent revealed last month how commissioners had called on three key officers of the charity - its press officer, membership secretary and treasurer - to resign amid claims they had taken up paid posts while still trustees. By benefiting from trusteeships, they had breached charity law, commissioners said. It is that understood commissioners will renew their call for the three to go to a meeting with NCPTA chair Judith Wood tomorrow.

The report will send shockwaves through parent-teacher groups throughout the country. The charity, which has 11,000 member schools, acts as the voice of parents over national educational issues.