Charles reborn to be king - helped by PR

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Senior Royal Family advisers are looking at ways to convince a doubting public that the Prince of Wales should fulfil his lifelong duty and become the next king.

The Prince's newly appointed private secretary, Stephen Lamport, is heading the group, which has broken with tradition by taking on members from outside the inner palace circle.

One who calls himself an "outsider", Tom Shebbeare, who is director of the Prince's Trust, the Prince's main charity, said: "Advice needs to be given and I am happy to do what I can."

Of suggestions that the aim was to make Charles "the people's prince", Mr Shebbeare added on BBC Radio 5 Live: "I think he is already the people's prince, but he is insufficiently understood.

"We have to get the message across more effectively than it has been in the past."

In a round of interviews intended to take advantage of publicity given to the advice group, Mr Shebbeare later told Sky News: "Charles was born to be king.

"He will be the next king - it's in the nature of the hereditary monarchy which people in this country support, and they are right to do so."

The Palace is anxious to avoid suggestions that it is planning some kind of "relaunch" for the Prince following the years of turmoil during the breakdown of his marriage and his divorce.

However, Mr Shebbeare said yesterday: "We have crossed a watershed and we have a new start."

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