Chechen Hostages: British Hostages Killed Abroad

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Keith Mangan and Paul Wells

Kashmir, India, 1998: Muslim separatists responsible for the 1995 kidnapping of Mr Mangan and Mr Wells claim that they were executed in December of that year after pressure from the US government for their release, although the original kidnappers are all reported to have been killed in clashes with the Indian army.

Christopher Howes

Cambodia, March 1996: Khmer Rouge executed the mine-clearing expert despite payment (against the advice of the British Government)of a pounds 75,000 ransom by his employers, the Mines Advisory Group charity.

Mark Slater

Cambodia, September 1994: Khmer Rouge responsible for the death of Mr Slater. Negotiations over a pounds 33,000 ransom broke down, and he was killed after his captors made political demands.

Dominic Chappell and Tina Dominy

Cambodia, June 1994: Mr Chappell and Ms Dominy were executed by the Khmer Rouge after a ransom demand.

Peter Kessler

Colombia, October 1992: Kidnapped by Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia, the businessman was killed during a Colombian army rescue attempt