Cheeky builders face the sack

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Wolf-whistling labourers wearing their trousers at half-mast will be ordered off building sites throughout Britain under the Considerate Constructors Scheme, launched yesterday.

The building industry is determined to rid itself of workers who tarnish its image, said Don Ward, chief executive of the Construction Industry Board. "Construction has got a major image problem which stops us recruiting good people, men and women to the business", he added.

"The image comes from wolf-whistling and `builders' bum'. It would not be tolerated by any other industry, so why should it be tolerated in construction?"

Employers signing up to the scheme, launched in Edinburgh, will expect labourers to clean up their image by wearing shirts and well-fitting trousers or overalls. Sloppy dress or lewd behaviour could mean being ordered off the site.

Sites will also be judged on their appearance and consideration for neighbours by limiting early morning noise and unnecessary mess.

Some large companies, such as Costain Construction, have signed up to the scheme already, but Mr Ward admitted it was likely to be several years before every firm participates.