Christmas dinner in bid for freedom

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NOT SINCE the Tamworth Two made their escape from an abattoir has there been such a daring dash for freedom.

With only four days to go until Christmas, and with the presents wrapped and the sprouts counted, one brave turkey has made a run for it. The "very large" bird was last seen hot-footing it along the carriageway of the A1 towards Newark-on-Trent, Nottinghamshire, police said yesterday.

A Nottinghamshire police spokesman said a startled motorist reported seeing the turkey on the Great North Road, near Claypole, Lincolnshire, just before midday.

"We have been out to look for it and have been unable to locate it so it looks like it's missed the dinner table this year at least," he said.

"We reckon the turkey has made the great escape. Our traffic lads have looked up and down that stretch of the A1 and near by but there's no sign of the animal. With only a few days left before Christmas that turkey must be the luckiest and happiest alive."

The police were unable to shed any light on who might be in need of a replacement Christmas dinner or where the bird might be headed.

After their escape from a Wiltshire slaughterhouse in January this year, the Tamworth Two, Butch and Sundance, were the subject of a nationwide hunt and were finally tracked down in a garden. They were bought by a national newspaper and have gone to live in an animal sanctuary.

It remains to be seen whether the feathered refugee will enjoy the same fortune.