Church launches seasonal adverts

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A SEASONAL television advert for the Church of England featuring the themes of jail sentences, abortion and adultery was launched yesterday.

The script features a series of captions which runs: "He's on his third marriage. She had an abortion when she was 14. He's been in prison. She's struggling with a drink problem. She won't eat cabbage. He hates Christmas ... shopping."

The film is intercut withshots of a congregation and their vicar preaching from the pulpit. A voice-over from Tamsin Gregg, who plays Debbie Aldridge in The Archers and is a devoted Christian, says: "They're not hypocrites, they're human. You don't have to be perfect to go to church this Christmas."

The advert will initially be shown in the Central television area. It is on offer nationwide to any diocese that can afford to buy local TV time. It will run up until Christmas Eve.

The Churches Advertising Network funded the commercial along with the Diocese of Birmingham and Lichfield. Members of the Christians in Media organisation gave their skills free.