Clinton revenge attack on Iraq

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WASHINGTON (Agencies) - US military forces carried out a 'carefully planned strike' against targets in Iraq that had threatened the life of former President George Bush while he was in Kuwait City on 15 April, the White House said yesterday.

The spokeswoman, Dee Dee Myers, gave no specific details about the attack, but said President Bill Clinton would make a televised address to the nation in the evening. She said the attack occurred at about 2200GMT. ABC News said it learned the raid was conducted with missiles against a target in central Baghdad. CNN television said the attack was carried out in such a way as 'to minimise civilian casualties'.

A US investigation concluded in May that President Saddam Hussein sent a team of assassins to kill Mr Bush during celebrations to mark the Allied victory in the Gulf war. The Clinton administration was understood to be considering retaliation for what amounted to an act of war.

The plot collapsed after the Kuwaiti government arrested 16 people, including an Iraqi intelligence colonel who had with him 550lb of explosives brought in from Iraq. The Kuwait Ministry of Defence said in May that the plotters planned to kill Mr Bush through remote-controlled car bombs or a suicide attack.