Clinton: The timetable of his disgrace

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This is the timetable of President Clinton's disgrace:

26 Jan 1992: Denies a 12-year affair with Gennifer Flowers.

6 May 1994: Paula Jones files sexual harassment suit.

11 Aug 1997: Linda Tripp claims White House volunteer Kathleen Willey told her Clinton kissed and fondled her.

7 Jan 1998: Monica Lewinsky signs affidavit in the Jones case claiming she did not have a sexual relationship with Clinton.

12 Jan: Tripp hands over tapes of secretly recorded conversations with her friend, Lewinsky, to Starr's office.

25 Jan: Film footage shows Clinton and Lewinsky hugging as he greets supporters after his November '96 re-election.

26 Jan: Clinton declares: "I did not have sexual relations with that woman, Miss Lewinsky."

1 April: A federal judge in Arkansas dismisses all charges in the Paula Jones lawsuit.

30 July: FBI says it is to test a dress provided by Lewinsky for traces of Clinton's semen.

6 Aug: Lewinsky confirms sexual encounters with Clinton to grand jury.

17 Aug: Clinton admits to an "inappropriate physical relationship" with Lewinsky.

11 Sep: Starr report published on Internet.

21 Sep: Clinton's evidence to grand jury is broadcast on television where he admits "inappropriate intimate conduct" with Miss Lewinsky.

5 Oct: Judiciary committee of the House of Representatives votes to hold unlimited investigation of Lewinsky scandal.

13 Nov: Paula Jones agrees to drop her case in return for pounds 500,000.

11 Dec: Judiciary committee votes to approve two articles of impeachment.