clinton: What will Happen Now?

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Is President Bill Clinton going to be impeached?

Starting on Thursday, the House of Representatives - the lower House of Congress - will consider four charges against him. If they decide by a simple majority to impeach him, the issue is passed to the Senate to decide.

What are his chances of getting away with it?

The Republicans have a narrow majority in the House. Some Democrats - probably about three - will vote for impeachment. So the White House needs some Republicans to back the President.

What happens after?

The next step is a trial of the President in the Senate. The Senate would need a two-thirds majority to find him guilty.

Is a trial likely?

It is possible that the President could just be censured in the Senate

Can a trial be stopped?

A majority of the Senate must agree. If it votes by a two-thirds majority to suspend the rules, the Senate could decide not to begin the proceedings.

Would the Senate find him guilty?

The Republicans have a narrow majority. If Democrats vote the party line, then he is safe as a two-thirds majority is needed. But the idea that the Senate would not find him guilty is a reason why people want another way out.

Andrew Marshall