Clinton's troubles: The scandal trail

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Paula Jones: 27 May 1998, has been set as the date for hearing the sexual harassment suit in which Ms Jones wants an admission from Mr Clinton that he made unwelcome sexual advances to her in 1991 when governor of Arkansas.

So far, Mr Clinton's attempts to settle without admitting guilt have failed, but with both parties running out of money an out-of-court settlement is still possible.

Whitewater: Three-year investigation led by independent prosecutor Kenneth Starr into the Clintons' involvement in an Arkansas land deal in the Eighties has so far failed to find evidence of illegality - although several of their associates in the deal have been convicted and gone to prison.

A key witness, Susan McDougal, has been jailed in California for contempt of court after refusing to testify.

White House travel office: Whether Hillary Clinton lied about involvement in the dismissal of White House office travel staff in 1993. Investigation still in progress, but overtaken by other scandals.

Party funding: Did either Bill Clinton, or Al Gore break the law by receiving campaign funds from foreign interests and/or raising re-election funds from federal property?

The attorney-general Janet Reno decided last week that the investigation into Gore should be extended, but indicated that there was insufficient evidence against Clinton. That was before the discovery of the tapes.