Compensation for Manning jibes

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Two black waitresses who claimed they were the victims of racist jokes by the comedian Bernard Manning won compensation yesterday in an out-of-court settlement.

Lawyers for Freda Burton, 25, and Sonia Rhule, 32, secured the deal after the two women alleged that their employer failed to protect them from Manning's jibes.

The women began their legal battle after they were allegedly racially abused by Manning while serving at a Round Table dinner at the Pennine Hotel, Derby, in November 1994. A hearing in 1995 agreed they were "treated shamefully", but decided the hotel had not discriminated against them. The waitresses left their casual jobs after the dinner. Last year, an appeals tribunal overturned the ruling, saying the hotel, whose management claimed it was not to blame for the alleged abuse, had in fact "subjected the waitresses to the racial harassment".

Ms Rhule and Ms Burton were said to be "delighted" at the victory, but saddened by the time it had taken to prove their claims.