Consumerism: Women set to splash out

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Women look set to behave more recklessly than men next year, blowing money on a good holiday, while men plan putting it towards their pension, a survey indicated. The Association of Unit Trusts and Investment Funds said New Year's financial resolutions showed clear contrasts between the two sexes.

While 10 per cent of the men surveyed said they intended to save more for retirement, 4 per cent of the women had the same idea.

But 25 per cent of the women in the survey wanted to save and have a really good holiday - in contrast with 17 per cent of the men.

Another 10 per cent of the men were resolved to use their money more efficiently in 1998 by seeking professional advice, as opposed to only 4 per cent of the women.

But the report pointed out that women were realistic about their finances.

"When asked separately about their personal finance outlook for 1998, 43 per cent of women were either optimistic or very optimistic about the forthcoming year, compared with a rather higher 53 per cent of the men," it said. It pointed out that the Chancellor should be pleased about the inflation outlook, with the finding that just 12 per cent of the 713 women surveyed said they intended to spend a bit more in 1998 on themselves and their families.