Coping with the misery of migraine

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Charity chiefs will today launch a step-by-step guide to help migraine suffers cope with their condition.

The launch of the free booklet called "Taking Control of Your Migraine" marks the start of Migraine Awareness Week.

An estimated 6 million men, women and children in the UK suffer from migraines. Symptoms include severe head pains, nausea, vomiting, visual disturbances and temporary paralysis.

Disruption to careers, family life, education and social commitments are common complaints.

Executives at the Migraine Trust hope the 16-page booklet, which examines the different types of migraines, trigger factors, kinds of treatment and where to get advice, will help sufferers.

Author Ann Rush, director of the Migraine Trust, said: "The new booklet will go a long way towards helping sufferers cope with this debilitating, long term condition.

"Sufferers need good quality information and practical advice and we are delighted that this booklet addresses some of the more frequently asked questions on migraine. It is a step-by-step guide to migraine."

Migraine Awareness Week will run until 14 September. For a copy of the free booklet contact the Migraine Trust on 0171 831 4818.