Cosmetic surgery turns women off

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They might consider it acceptable for themselves, but women think cosmetic surgery for men is a big turn-off, according to a new survey. XL for Men magazine found that while 40 per cent of all Inquiries to cosmetic clinics now come from men, 84 per cent of women respondents said they would be "put off" if they found a man had been surgically enhanced.

Asked which part of their partner's body they would change, the biggest response was for his stomach (38 per cent) followed by his chin, his chest, his buttocks and his eyes. Only 4 per cent referred to genitalia.

The magazine concluded: "The last thing a woman wants to worry about in the heat of passion is her other half's torso melting or exploding all over the nice clean duvet. When it comes to men's bodies, like diamonds, women don't like fakes."