Couple kidnapped own daughter

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AN ASIAN couple who tried to kidnap their daughter so she could be forced into an arranged marriage were yesterday jailed for drugging her and trying to fly her out of the country.

Mohammed Bashir and his wife, Sekina Khan, gave their daughter Rehana, 20, a drink laced with the "date rape" drug Rohypnol at her grandfather's funeral and drove her to Manchester Airport.

The couple wept in the dock of Manchester Crown Court, claiming they were acting out of love for their daughter who they believed was in a relationship with a jailed drug dealer.

But Judge Anthony Ensor told the couple, from Bradford, West Yorkshire: "To endeavour to kidnap somebody and take them away in the manner you attempted is contrary to the law of this land ... people like your daughter must be protected."

The couple admitted kidnapping and administering a noxious substance to Rehana, a student at Luton University. Bashir was jailed for two years and his wife for six months.

Leslie Hull, for the prosecution, told the court that British-born Rehana had left home for university partly because she had been under pressure to go to Pakistan and get married. While her parents retained their traditional culture she had been keen to pursue a more independent life.

After being given the drugged drink she was driven 50 miles to Manchester Airport. She regained consciousness there, and despite being told by her parents that she was in hospital, became angry and alerted airport staff.

Her parents pleaded guilty to the offences. "They were adamant they hadn't intended to harm their daughter and had done what they had done in what they regarded as her best long-term interests," said Mr Hull.