Couple rock to marriage made in the Hacienda

Wedding in the nightclub: History made as the knot is tied to the sound of Hendrix
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A couple made marital history yesterday, as the first pair to wed in a British night club. Manchester's Hacienda club hosted the ceremony, followed by a twelve-hour extravaganza of installation art, alternative music and live performances which included the groom's, own "Body Fluids" safe sex show.

Alison David, 22, a singer from London, married Manchester video director Todd Faith, 35. on stage before an audience of 1,500 friends and relatives to, the strains of Here Comes The Bride, played on Jimi Hendrix-style rock guitar and flanked by a best man wearing a white loin cloth and wings. The couple exchanged vows using microphones. The bride wore a swirling hooped and hologrammed dress of love hearts, the groom, a medieval outfit.

The couple's mothers then appeared on stage and the four sang vows written by the newlyweds. An altar was provided and Alison's mother, a reverend, gave a blessing. An organist had been booked but was forbidden to play at the night club by his church.

An eclectic marathon of entertainments ensued. The bride and her band, Life's Addiction, performed, and were followed by Todd's Aids aware- ness show, for which volunteers came forward to dress as condoms.

A fashion show, a tea dance, a jazz quintet, poetry readings, films and other live bands followed. It was the first wedding to be given a club logo - Love Live '95.

The worlds of fashion and music were well represented among the guests. Dress code for men ranged from morning suits to glittering dresses, while babes in arms mingled with face painted New Agers. Film crews and photographers from style and fashion magazines were present.

Despite the highly modern nature of the occasion, the bride said the couple's motives were entirely traditional. "A wedding signifies, to me, romance and love and a belief in commitment to a relationship. It doesn't signify a ball and chain - it's simply the most romantic thing you could ever do."

The wedding followed last April's change in the law, which allowed any venue to apply for a licence to host a civil marriage ceremony. The new law stipulates that the premises must be duly dignified and not detract form the solemnity of marriage. To date, 700 new venues have been licensed, including Granada TV studios and Aston Villa FC.

"Some authorities do appear to have taken a liberal interpretation of the guidelines," commented the Office of Census and Population Studies.