CRIME: More violence towards shop staff

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The number of robberies taking place in shops has risen by 20 per cent to nearly 12,000 in the past year, according to a survey by the British Retail Consortium. The study found that more than 9,000 staff were victims of physical violence, while a further 167,000 were subjected to threats of violence and verbal abuse.

Retailers endured 5.3 million crimes in 1995/96, costing the industry pounds 1.42bn - slightly down on the the previous year's figure of pounds 1.5bn.

However, the survey found that last year there were 73,000 burglaries and 24,000 attempted burglaries, down 17 per cent from 1994-95, but still costing shopkeepers pounds 154m. There were nearly 5 million incidents of shoplifting, a 7 per cent decrease on the previous year - costing pounds 653m in lost stock.

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