Croats and Serbs launch invasion

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SARAJEVO (Reuter) - Croatia and Serbia are pouring troops into Bosnia in a co-ordinated offensive against Muslims, the Bosnian government said yesterday.

Bosnia's mostly Muslim cabinet urged the UN Security Council to stop what it called a rapidly escalating intervention by the Croatian army to prop up Croat separatists in central Bosnia. It said up to 30,000 troops with tanks had moved in.

Bosnia's Prime Minister, Haris Silajdzic, also said Yugoslav army units had entered Bosnia from Serbia to reinforce rebel Serbs fighting in the north-east.

The Yugoslav army denies the charges. But journalists and UN observers report Yugoslav army intervention. 'Just stand in Zvornik (a main crossover point from Serbia to Bosnia) and watch the Yugoslav army cross over,' said Captain Jantura Strandas, a UN peacekeeper from Norway.

Senior UN military officials in Zagreb said they had evidence that about 3,000 regular troops from Croatia were in Bosnia