Cromwell Street killer Rose West to die in jail

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Rose West, 43, who killed 10 young women, including her own daughter, has been officially told that she will spend the rest of her life in prison.

The decision, by the Home Secretary, Jack Straw, will be challenged by her lawyer, Leo Goatley, who said last night: "It would be wrong to jump to any conclusions as to the amount of time she will spend it prison. There are avenues of appeal and review that are actively being pursued." West received 10 life sentences in November 1995. She would have been entitled to release on licence after a minimum of 15 years even though the trial judge said that he thought she should stay jail for ever. Mr Straw's decision comes a week after the Law Lords ruled that the former Home Secretary, Michael Howard, acted beyond his powers when he increased the life tariff on a murderer. West's son, Stephen, 24, said: "She has never shown any remorse and should just accept her punishment." His father, Fred, hanged himself in jail before the couple's case came to court.