CSA adds to its list of failings

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Breaches of confidentiality, confusion and delays in paying parents have been added to the "shortcomings" of the Child Support Agency, the parliamentary ombudsman said yesterday.

In a damning report, William Reid said that the promises made by the CSA last year to clean up its act had not been fulfilled and new mistakes had been added. One-third of the complaints he receives across all government departments concern the CSA, he added. By the end of 1995 he had received complaints from 270 MPs and investigated 195.

"Shortcomings in certain aspects of the CSA's work of which I was critical in my January 1995 report continue to occur," Mr Reid said.

He once again urged the CSA to appoint an independent complaints adjudicator, warned them against cutting staff and said he was discussing further issues with the Department of Social Security.