Culture of Change For A New Era

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THE ROYAL Fine Art Commission will be replaced by a new Architecture Commission to advise on architecture and disseminate good practice. "Coincidentally" this will mean farewell to Lord St John of Fawsley (right), the former Conservative cabinet minister Norman St John-Stevas, who chaired the RFAC and has been on New Labour's hit list since before the general election.

The various film-funding bodies will be brought together into a new British Film Council, which will also oversee the National Lottery money that goes towards film. This is yet another attempt to make the British film industry more of a competitor to Hollywood. Lord Attenborough (right) was heavily involved in the new body's creation.

The Arts Council of England and the Crafts Council will be brought together, which means the Crafts Council is swallowed up, though there are safeguards for its work with craftspeople. The Arts Council received a 15 per cent grant increase yesterday and is due to distribute a chunk of that to the Royal Opera House on Thursday.

The Royal Commission on the Historical Monuments of England is being subsumed into English Heritage to form a single body to look after England's historic buildings. A new strategic body, the Museums, Libraries and Archives Council will be created to replace the existing Museums and Galleries Commission and the Library and Information Commission. A "transformed, more effective, slimmer" tourism body will replace the English Tourist Board.