Customer care: Car dealers selling drivers short

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Drivers are receiving a poor standard of service from franchised dealers, according to a survey disclosed today.

They are also far from happy with the quality of European-made cars and it is mainly Japanese models that top a satisfaction table. Coventry-based Jaguar, however, did make it into the top 10 of the table and was also rated as the company which had improved most since last year.

The findings came in the UK Customer Satisfaction Study conducted annually by car consumer experts JD Power, in association with BBC2's Top Gear programme.

From information provided by more than 16,400 owners and drivers of M- registration cars, the survey found that motorists were most happy with Japanese car company Subaru. Second-equal most satisfying makes of car were Honda of Japan and Kia of Korea. Jaguar was in eighth place and the only other European manufacturer in the top 10 was Germany's BMW, which was 10th equal. A spokesman for JD Power said: "It is clear from these findings that a segment of the motor trade is not keeping place with the levels of customer service that the public has come to expect."