'Dad, I've gotten a girl pregnant': Watch teen prank his father

Emmanuel Kellam's dad was not a happy man when his son broke the 'news'

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"Dad, I've gotten a girl pregnant." The fateful words most parents dread hearing from the mouths of their teenage sons. But one father's horrified reaction may have been a tad over the top - especially considering his son's 'life-changing' news was just a prank.

In a stunt caught on camera by Emmanuel Kellam, the 16-year-old calls his father into the living room to deliver the false news that he is expecting a child with a 14-year-old girl.

The announcement is not well received by his father, who seeks to resolve the crisis by brandishing a broom and sending his son back to Nigeria.

"She's what?" he cries when his son breaks the news to him. "Oh my God I am finished!

"Do you know what I need to tell you? No GCSEs. No A-levels. You will end up in McDonald’s!"

"I suffer on these children" he wails. "You will move out of this house! You are going to Nigeria first class tomorrow! I am getting the first class ticket taking you to Nigeria!"

His reaction is somewhat different when Emmanuel hurriedly reveals the whole thing is a set-up, causing him to burst into hysterical laughter for the duration of the video.