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Full Back By Michael Reeves Under the Garryowen, face to the wind, He stands firm: Eye on the ball, ear shut to the swarming hoards, Resigned to the clash of bone on bone.

Poised to cradle a noble catch, His nerve holds.

He marks the spot near players Like bees around a honey pot.

His moment of truth, The team gathers round, Spirits are lifted, The danger postponed.

Finds touch, finds form, Finds resolve to Plan for pirates At the next cradling.

Michael Reeves is a school teacher in Headingley, Leeds. This poem is from his unpublished collection In Touch, which has been broadcast on radio, and some have appeared in Old Crescent's match programmes, his rugby club in Limerick. He has also written a number of plays for radio, some of which have been given a rehearsed reading.