Danes buy Glenfeshie

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Conservationists have lost out to a Danish family-owned company in their bid for the Highland Glenfeshie estate, it was revealed yesterday.

A multi-agency public bid was beaten by Danstrup Lund Holding A/S, owned by Klaus Helmersen, who is believed to have paid around pounds 6m. The sale has angered conservationists who were hoping to save the 42,000-acre estate from potential harm because it is home to thousands of ancient trees. They claim its management is crucial to the success of maintaining the Cairngorms in order to achieve World Heritage Status.

The Ramblers' Association Scottish officer Dave Morris said: "It is a scandal that the Glenfeshie land lottery continues ... Why should Scotland allow the heart of the Cairngorms to be placed at the mercy of anyone with a big enough cheque book to outbid the public purse?"