Dangerous' prisoners on the run

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Six prisoners, described as dangerous, were last night on the run after overpowering guards while being transferred to London jails.

Despite being handcuffed, the Category B prisoners - who were serving sentences of between eight and 12 years - managed to overpower five prison officers in a minibus as it travelled through north London before escaping on foot. Four of the five prison officers needed hospital treatment, but only one was detained.

The escapers were named as: David Currey, serving 9 years for robbery; Warren Edwards, 8 years for robbery; Christopher Ward, 12 years for robbery; Lee Mitty, 11 years for robbery; Stewart Warwick, 9 years for possession of firearms; and Gary Staggs, 10 years for robbery. Currey, Edwards and Ward were being taken to Wormwood Scrubs. Mitty, Warwick and Staggs were being taken to Pentonville.