Daredevil duo enjoy a high time over the Thames

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They teetered slowly across, but their step never faltered. And as the collected audience held their breath below, the two men inched their way into the record books, writes Kate Watson-Smyth.

Jade Kindar-Martin, 23, and Didier Pasquette, 29, crossed the Thames on a1,000ft tightrope, 150ft above the river yesterday.

Thousands of onlookers applauded as they met in the middle, before the American stepped lightly over Mr Pasquette, who was sitting sideways on the rope.

Then, silhouetted against the setting sun, the two men continued their journeys to opposite sides of the Thames.

Mr Kindar-Martin said afterwards: "It was beautiful, it felt wonderful. I wasn't frightened - I do this for my living."