Davies declares himself a victim of prejudice

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RON DAVIES, the former secretary of state for Wales, prompted further speculation about his sexuality yesterday as he delivered a bitter attack on the media coverage of his political downfall.

In an emotional personal statement to a hushed House of Commons, Mr Davies said that the "twisted" reporting of the events that led to his resignation from the Cabinet had asserted lies and rumour as truth.

But in what was interpreted as his most explicit remarks yet on allegations about his sexuality, he announced: "We are what we are. We are all different, the products of our genes and our experiences. Members of Parliament are no different from the society we represent."

The Caerphilly MP apologised for the "severe error of judgement" that led to him being robbed after picking up a man in his car on Clapham Common, south London, last week.

Mr Davies also revealed that he had been bullied in childhood, a fact that was due last night to be covered in detail in a documentary by the Welsh language TV station, S4C.

Describing the affair as "unremittingly agonising", he said that the sadness of his resignation had been worsened by media intrusion.

"The whole of my adult life has been pored over for something which could be twisted to suit the present prejudice. Ultimately, this arbitrary abuse of power is not just an attack on me but on our rights," he said.

Mr Davies said that such coverage proved the need for a more "tolerant society" and warned that unless the media exercised its freedom more responsibly few people would be keen to stand for public office.