Deadlines set for women hoping to sue manufacturer of silicone breast implants

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Deadlines have been set for women hoping to sue what was once the largest manufacturer of silicone breast implants. British women who believe their health suffered as a result of implants made by the American firm Dow Corning have until 14 February next year to initiate their claim. Around 10,000 British women are understood to have commenced claims against manufacturers following allegations of skin disorders, muscle pain, tremors and incontinence from implants which allegedly leaked.

Other surgical implants which might also be included in the legal action are for knees, other joints and hips. Under American court laws, the company is to embark on a programme to alert as many possible claimants as possible to the deadlines which have been set. Claims by people living in the States and Puerto Rico need to have been filed by 15 January. Louise Jury