Dedicated reader wins prize car

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Ken Grayling, from Tharston, in Norfolk, has won the Alfa Romeo Spider competition launched by the Independent on 2 January, writes Danny Penman.

Mr Grayling, 40, won with the slogan: "It is my ambition to own an Alfa Romeo Spider because this spider wants to trade 8 legs for 4 wheels and fly!"

He won with near-perfect timing. His car, a 25-year-old Rover Coupe, went into a garage for major repairs two weeks ago and has yet to return. He lives in the Norfolk countryside with his wife, Shirley, and 17 Muscovy ducks.

Mr Grayling is a self-employed consultant in access control, which he describes as "letting people through doors". The Spider will come in useful because he frequently travels around the country, and their cottage is 10 miles from the nearest railway station.

He said his wife was now busy phoning all their friends to say he'd won.

Mr Grayling said that when he rolls up in his new Spider, he hopes the image will spell success to potential customers rather than that they are paying him too much.

He has been a dedicated Independent reader for about five years.

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