Dentist 'drugged women for sex assaults'

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A dentist drugged and sexually molested four female patients including an 11-year-old girl, the General Dental Council was told yesterday.

Michael Evans, of Broad Street, Fraserburgh, Grampian, is alleged to have given Mrs A, Miss B, 11-year-old Miss C, and Mrs D excess doses of drugs before behaving indecently towards them at his surgery between April and July last year.

Linda Dobbs, barrister to the council, told its professional conduct committee that Mr Evans made sure he was alone with the patients before giving them intravenous injections of sedatives and molesting them.

In a further allegation, the dentist is accused of administering excess doses of sedatives to a Miss E in July or August 1994. A charge of indecency towards her was dropped at the beginning of the hearing.

Ms Dobbs told the committee that Mr Evans, 28, groped Miss C, and later did the same thing to her mother even though she knew of her daughter's ordeal and wore a bodysuit "for protection". He injected the schoolgirl with a sedative before putting his hands inside her jumper and then her jeans, the committee heard.

When she got home she told her mother, Mrs D, what happened and demonstrated what Mr Evans had allegedly done.

Mrs D, mindful of her daughter's claims, dressed in a bodysuit with a tight neck when she went for a tooth extraction and fillings the next week.

After injecting her with a sedative, Mr Evans allegedly put his hand inside her jumper and felt her left breast before feeling around her pants. He then kissed her on the mouth.

The dentist stopped when his practice nurse came in."

Mr Evans, a married man, is also alleged to have indecently assaulted another patient, Mrs A, while filling her tooth. The committee was told that she remembered telling him to "get lost" and he immediately removed his hand before she lost consciousness.

Ms Dobbs said Mr Evans also groped six months pregnant Miss B after injecting her with a sedative before capping one of her teeth.

The charges involving Mrs A and Miss B relate to his practice in High Street, Banchory, Grampian.

Mrs A sobbed as she told the committee of being molested and left feeling "disgusted and dirty" by Mr Evans, who denies serious professional misconduct.

She said she was "knocked out" by a sedative at Mr Evans's Banchory surgery on 21 July last year, and remembered waking up to find him groping her.

Mrs A angrily denied that she might have had an erotic dream while under the influence of the injection. "I was not dreaming. It happened," she insisted.

The hearing continues today.